my battery light was on for about one day and then yesturday my battery died, has anyone had problems with their alternator?

honestly no man. same alternator for 10 years(i bought the car used, but its noticable) and no problems. but then again thats just my car, so u never know. if u can just have a mechanic check it out, if u dont know what the problem is. is it the battery? did u try jump starting it or changing it?

i charged the battery overnight, and it works for me to get to school and back, but it doesnt recharge while i’m driving, i took it to auto shop today and its only putting out 12.2 volts while running while it should be at least 13.6-14.4 while running
i also checked the belt and its not loose or anything

It is your alternator. Honda’s have weak alternators out of the factory. Just get a new one and you will be fine. Oh, and do it soon before you fry out your battery, if you havent already.


yep, I second BR on this one! it’s you alternator that is not charging! replace it, it’s quite easy… do a search, I posted a “HOW TO”…