Help me please! My alternator died and I have been trying to get to it for days but I cannot get the freaking ball joint out of the lower control arm. I’ve tried everything that I have seen in these forums and others . I used a 5 ton puller and many other tools, I even tried the fork separator but I stopped cause it was going to damage the rubber seal, it already cause a buch of grease to ooze out. It doesn’t even budge! Nothing works. I can’t hammer at it either cause I can’t get the car high enough off the ground to get a good swing. I tried lubricating it, I used a special puller I used a jack to jack up the ball joint nothing. I am just about to give up and let my mechanic take care of it. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Bigger Hammer!

You got to hammer on it. Takes balls thats all. Get that ball joint tool up in there tight and start hitting on the lower arm without smaking the threads where the ball joint nut goes. leave the nut on there but leave it loose with a little space just incase you do hit the threads. Use a sludge hammer if you got to. GOOD luck my man they hard sometimes. JIM

try what integlikewhoa said :slight_smile: and if that doesn’t work… there is a way to get the driveshaft out without seperating the lower ball joint… just means disconnecting upper control arm at its 2 inner pivots, and then unbolting and removing spring/shock assembly (with spring still captive, don’t undo the wrong nut hehe), which allows hub to move down and out enough to get the axle out… and if That doesn’t work…

get a RHD g2 like mine that has no brake master cyl in the way so you can get the alternator out easy :slight_smile: