am i ready for tuning?

do i have everything that i need to tune?

b18a1 stock
greddy 18g turbo 9psi
310 cc dsm injectors. not put on yet
255 walburo fuel pump.
aem fuel/ratio guage with o2 sensor
hondata s300
blox adj. test pipe
greddy ti-c 2.25
blox fpr and guage
xspower manifold
gsr throttle body. not put in yet

am i missing anything else?


yea i have that. didnt think anyone would ask ahah

I dont know if those injectors need a resistor box or not,other than that I think its ready.

dont 90-91 come with resister box?

Yes,I did not know what year your car was.

ahaha i heard about it but wasn’t sure either

There is no such thing as DSM 310cc injectors…

I believe the "310"s will be at 100% duty at 9psi.

your missing a dyno :stuck_out_tongue:

dont get happy with the timing without knowing what if its making more or less

damn. heard it wrong maybe precision’s or something. for sure it’s 310’s. I’m waiting for the 0bdo-1 distribotr adapter from xenocron. once i have. everything will be converted this weekend. with s300 :rockon: then like another 2 weeks before heading up north to tune in socal. i’ll keep that in mind turbociv but was hoping to go to 10 psi. i also noticed that every other gears, the psi increases highest was 12psi…is this normal? i dont have boost controller so yea…

I don’t think you should place Items for sale here Sir…?