amp cuts out

my amp cuts out when its hella hot out all the time but i figured its cause it overheated or something but then last night after like 20 minutes of loud music it cut out. wtf?? And so u kno its a sony 1000 2 channel going to 2 alpine type e’s

My first guess is that it is going into thermal protection. Try turning down the gains a little.

Another possibility is that you have a bad ground. Make sure your ground is solid and to bare metal. Make sure all the paint is sanded away and that it isn’t corroded.

turn down gains, cuz it might be too much work for the amp.

i had 2 12’s and the only amp i had was a kicker zr 240 (240 watts) i bridged it and that thing pumped out some major bass, but after like 3 min it would cut out and the amp burned the hell out of my hand the first time.

but that kicker amp was badass.

i turned down the gain and now it works way better but there is less bass. It’s fine tho cause now i can hear the words.


Kids and there distorted bass and no audible mids or highs

Turn it down, you will go def.:frowning: — like me:(