amp help? dual 800rms

i got 2 dub 15’s for next to nothing and just got a sickass bandpass box today.

but i dont have an amp yet.
does anyone have any suggestions heres the specs i need

800rms each (pref. no more, no less)
running at 2ohm’s

thx for any help

kicker 1200.1 good amp and it’s 2ohm stable. :rockon:
i’m not ragging on you at all but ditch the bandpass box and go with a sealed box.

bandpass boxes tend to be prefabs and not built to the specs of your subs.

Buy my rockford 1000bd it pushes 1000watts rms at 2ohms, it would easily push them subs any speaker i hooked up to this thing would pound

i dont have money now
and i know that sealed are better but i dont care, if im not happy, ill sell the ported box and get a sealed one and the guy at the audio shop said there is nothing wrong with the ported ones

800rms EACH CH

as long as your pleased that’s all that matters.Like you said you can always sell it.


any kind of amp in particular your looking for?

not really
one that meets the following needs

puts out a TRUE 800rms on both channels
stable at 2ohm
no cheap ebay brand
the good shit

im pretty decided on the boss pd4000 amp
4k max
900rms on both channels stable at 2ohm
and if i sell the system i had in the teg to the kid locally who said hes gonna buy it, i will need to come up with a few more bucks for shipping costs then all i will need is a wiring kit, 2 caps, and a car to put it all in :giggle:

Im pretty happy with my Hifonics BXD1000. Its 1 OHM stable and pushes out 1000 watts rms. It looks very nice, the Hifonics logo lights up bright blue when the amp is on, and it also comes with a remote that can be placed somewhere on your dash to control the bass.

a boss amp? you said you didnt want any cheap shit and then you decide on cheap and shitty. i had a boss amp i my car a while back and it sucked. it was rated at 350w rms, but didnt pound as hard or even came close as one of my friends 150w rms kicker.

Boss is pretty much the same as legacy, pyramid, and those other crappy brands. just my .02 that is all.

Yeah i agree,for the bandpass you want an amp that will be better in tuning.Meaning your lowpass filters and settings.Kicker has nice amps,Hifonics amps are powerful so are the mtx class d’s imo.And they also have a gain control that mounts in the dash.

edit: its Hifonics BX1000D (not BXD1000) its a class D mono amp. Very powerful :rockon: and the amp never seems to get hot.

800rms x2 - 1600rms… hrm… check out soundstream they have a 1400w rms in the edge series or if you have deep pockets, the XXX amp… 5000W rms @ 1 ohm <drool>