Amp Location

Hi all just got a new amp for my set up but unlike my old amp it dosnt fit under the seat. And wanted to know were other people have mounted thiers. Pics would be good.

I made a shelf like thing that is in my trunk. Ill take pics wen i get home and post them up for you.

I just bolt all my electronics shit on the back of my seat… been holding up for 5 years now with massive bumping on the way to work everyday…

It’s easy to hide the wires as well when bolted to the back of the seat. Just cut a lil slit in the carpet next to the power/remote/ground/speaker terminals and feed the wires through the carpet. Very simple and clean lookin’.

thats what i did too, it looks like an amp is just chillin there.
everyone says its a clean set up. but b4 i had everything were the spare tire goes, 2 amps and a cap. and just had my sub on top.

I used self tapping screws to mount my amp to the back of my seat on the drivers side. I never have anyone in my back seat to mess with anything and mine came undone and was hanging by one screw…either I have a massive amount of bass(which I do) or it’s been messed with. I would suggest this method if you can get it to stay put. What is your setup? Amp, sub(s), Head unit

Did you made sure that the screws tapped into the metal frame of the seat instead of the soft leather/foam part of the seat?

All my screws tapped into the metal frame and it’s tough as a mofo to unscrew it by hand.

i got a db1 so i just pulled down the rear seats n screwed it in the floor hidden behind the speakers so … its never seen :slight_smile: even made my custom kill switch n put it between the e-brake n gear. - C.R.E.A.M.

Where do you live so I can come over and steal your db1 since now I know where your kill switch is located :read:

lol…dats not da car or gas kill switch…its da amp kill switch…so it doesnt drain from battery when i park da car and so when the cops are around or im in a bad area i can just reach over quick n it turns off the amp which turns off the 2 12’s :slight_smile: but good luck stealing my car…u gotta put lke 1 or 2 grand frst to get it out my garage lol…then when ur done fixin her up for me ill come steal it back lol - C.R.E.A.M.