Amplifier HELP!

I have everything hooked up my power my ground and i know they are working because i checked for voltage and voltage was there and i did a voltage drop test now i can’t to hook the rmote wire from the amp to the wire harness right. i have a monoblock amp but i think i hook the speaker up right for the monoblock amp but i am not getting anything out of the amp except light and only heat comming from the speaker. I don’t know which wire to hook the remote wire up to on the car since there is no remote wire and my head unit does not have rca hooks for a sub but it has ones for the front and the back and i hooked it up to the ones in the back.

The remote wire needs to be connected to the HUs amp remote lead, [blue/white], if the HU does not have a amp remote lead, [it should] you can connect the remote lead to the 2nd ign. free pin on the under dash fuse box.:slight_smile: 94

i forgot

oh yeah it is a 1991 ls

One time the year and model/trim makes no diff.:shrug:94