Annoying noise coming from fan

Hey guys, I need some help on this matter. Whenever my fan tries to come on it makes this annoying squealing noise that comes on for like 30 seconds then it stops, it mainly happens when i not moving, like when I’m at a light or something. I would really like to figure this out as soon as possible, lol its gettin really annoying and happens at the worse times lol. Your help would be appreciated guys, tia.

Well this is what happened to me, fan would squeal on and off at the most random moments. Found out the fan blade and fan motor was disconnected a bit, and was scraping against the radiator. Had to get a new fan motor and blade. Luckily no major damange done to the radiator, just a few scratches.

So check to see if this may the problem. If it is, fix it soon, you don’t want to have to replace your radiator as well.

Hey, mine does that too. I think something inside mine is bad…maybe some type of bearing in there…I’m not sure though. I have anyone sitting around though…just to lazy to install it. Just get a new one man.