Annoying sound - Help!

There is an annoying sound coming from the driver’s side dash or possibly suspension. It is speed sensative meaning it makes more noise with more speed. When its wet outside it usually squeaks loudly, otherwise its more of a dry sqeak. Everything is stock. Thanks if you can help.

could be your speedo cable needs a lil grease

Now how would you do that??? I got the same problem and I was gonna post it up to you guys but I guess someone else did. Thanks

What kind of grease should one use to lube up the speedometer cable?

Also, mine makes a buzzing noise. It’s obviously coming from the instrument cluster and is speed sensitive. If his is a squeak and sounds like it’s coming from lower in the dash or suspension than it could be something related to the wheel, brake, or left driveshaft. My brakes are getting squeaky. Time to replace the pads.


I can’t tell if mine is coming from the instrument cluster or suspension. When its not squeaking, I can hear a buzzing sound. How would you fix up the speedometer cable?

well first u have to take your gauge cluster out
the speedo cable is behind there once u get it out you’ll know what im talking about
any kind of all purpose grease should do
if i remember correctly directions on how to remove the gauge cluster are in the teg tips