annoying tweeter protection

i’ve got a set of blaupunkt 6.5 components up front and a pair of 6.5 midbass for the rear all powered by a JBL 80.4. the thing is when i have the volume turned up for a while, the tweeters up front fades out when the protection circuit kicks in. when i lower the volume, they fade back in. i have the gain correctly set to my deck’s preout voltage but it’s still doing the same. the max volume level is 50 and clipping starts at 35+. the tweeters fades out at about 25+ depending on the material. i know i can set the gain lower but by doing that the volume level would be in the high 30-40’s before it reaches the volume i usually listen to. any ideas or should i just ditch the blaupunkts and get me a new set? a set of Infinity Reference 6.5 components for about $100 at ikesound doesnt sound like a bad upgrade at all.

When you say it starts clipping at 35, is that from you putting it on an o-scope? Where is the gain on the amp set? Is it all the way up? If either the deck or amp clip, that could cause your tweeter to go into protection. My recomendation is to get a bigger amplifier. That way you will have more unclipped power available. It should get louder that way.

I would agree with Steven on this one. Either get a new more powerful amp or bridge the p80.4 to get 160w x 2 and ditch the rear mids or run them off deck power. If you did get the Infinity reference components and send a clipped signal to them, you will fry the tweeters since they have no tweeter protection in the crossovers. So either work with what you have now or get a more robust amp.