another 91 front bumper on 92 thread

I’ve read multiple posts on how to swap these bumpers and thought I knew exactly what I had to do but I’ve run into a problem. What I’m doing is swapping the mounts off of the 91 and installing them on the 92. I’m using the 91 bumper support and foam. I didn’t want to use the 92 bumper support and then have fo trim the styrofoam which is why I swapped out the brackets. The problem is that the brackets on the 92 stick out further than the 91s so when I try to install the bumper, the horns are keeping the bumper from sliding all of the way in. Anyone know what needs to be done?

You could mount the horns in a differnt location.

Something sounds fishy. I’ve mounted both years bumpers, supports, and brackets over the years and don’t remember anything about the horns needing to be moved at all. Even this past weekend I swapped out my USDM 91 bumper support and brackets for a JDM 92 support and brackets. No clearance issues at all.

Is the horn the only thing getting in the way? The bumper fits up against the headlights properly?

sounds like someone probably already relocated where the horn goes to a different location other than from stock

I think I may have been installing the bumper the wrong way. Do the the little brackets that attach to the fenders need to be installed on the bumper before installing it?

When you remove the bumper those brackets stay on the fenders, you unscrew the two phillips screws so the bumper detaches from the bracket, leaving the bracket in place.

I know how to remove it, I just need to know if those brackets should be installed on the fenders or on the bumper before installing it.

Well, considering that when you remove the bumper you DO NOT remove those brackets… this means the brackets stay on the car when the bumper comes off, and thus they will be on the car BEFORE you install (or reinstall) the bumper. Remember, installation is just the reverse of removal… So yes, to be 100000000% clear, those brackets should be installed (or simply never removed) before the bumper is installed.

Lol I kinda figured that but because I was having trouble getting it installed I was wondering if there was something different that had to be done when installing it. But I got it now. What I did was relocate the horns to the vacant holes about 6 inches m. ore toward the ends of each side of the bumper. Worked like a charm

wow this thread helped me alot i just put a 91 bumper on my 92 and was wondering why it fit like crap lol and realized that my horns stopped working lol guess i gotta do some work this weekend lol