another axle problem

after i replaced my axle the car drove fine. on the freeway it was smooth, then once i down shift and go faster, my car shook like a mofo and pulled to the left really hard, as if the axle was binding on itself or sumthing,
any help?:shrug:

Did you get one of the cheap autozone axles? Apparently those are bad news. Almost everyone that buys them replaces them very quickly.

but the issue with autozone axles is that they are shorter in length compared to oem. that causes issues when ur car is lowered, cuz the inner joint is stretched out when ur car is lowered. but if the axle is 1" shorter which most autozone axles are… then the inner joint has a higher chance of dislocating.

da’sda9: i dunno about an axle possibly binding. but make sure u check everything down in that left side regarding suspension and stuff. make sure u torqued down the lower ball joint, have a cotter pin in it, the axle shaft nut is torqued to spec, which is like 155 ft lbs or something like that. check ur outer tie rods too, make sure those are torqued and have a cotter pin in it. if u have directional tires, make sure they are going in the right direction. also make sure that ur axle is in properly into the half shaft. and make sure that the half shaft is bolted down properly and torqued.

in short check it all, and don’t miss a thing.

i didnt get it from autozone, i got it from a place called clarks, it is a rebuilt axle, i might take it back because now it is starting to make noise, ill just spend the difference on getting a new one. any suggestions on brands? and yes my car is lowered

get one from somewhere else. try advanced auto parts stores, or western auto, napa. but if u have the money go with oem, or if u track it, raxles is a good upgrade.

im gona see if i can get my money back, if not im gona try to get a new one from there.

O’Riley’s CarDone New ones are decent. Have only had an issue with one joint not having grease in it. It lasted 10k. The rest have lasted 30k and 20k (replacement for the one mentioned above) so far. One has a pin hole leak in it, but that is from road debris, can’t fault the boot for me hitting something in the road.

This is on a 2.5" lowered on GC and Koni’s without a camber kit.

I would not race on them, or use them for “off road” type uses, nor would I try to push 300hp through them either, but for a DD setup, lowered, they seem to be fine. They are ~3-4 years old now.

i use new napa axles. cant say how long they’ll last though ive only had them for 2500km on my 300whp teg.

you got it from clarks in bellflower? take it back and talk to steve. I never had an issue with any of there stuff

If you got a NAPA around you try some of there reman axles. I got some autozone ones that shook like hell like you’re describing and i replaced them with napa’s and all is well.

yea it was in belflower now it cracks and creeks wen i turn, im goin to take if off and back wen i get a chance