another bog/hesitation/jerking thread

Hey, I just wanted to get some confirmation and push in the right direction. My car hesistates and jerks at around 3k rpm. I reset the ECU and now the problem is way less severe but still kind of there. Anyway, that tells me it’s a problem with my AIR / FUEL mixture??? Yes no? I check the plugs and they were pretty white/light grey and looked mini blistered (rough texture). Means I’m running hot and lean right? Is that related to the bogging? My gas mileage went up considerably within the last two weeks or so. Also, I ran the car with too much coolant for a few days so I think that might have affected something but I’m not sure.

Chipped ECU
FPR at 38 - 39 psi (hose attached)
New fuel filter
Plug wires at below 8K ohms resistance

So yeah, could anyone point me in the right direction? Is it really damaging to be running the car in this condition (hesitation)?

Thanks guys.

FP is a bit on the high side with the hose attached… mine’s at 32 w/hose, 40 w/out hose. Having the same problem at 2000 rpm, except I also get a bunch of black smoke out the exhaust when it happens :frowning:

I am having a similar problem except it boogs below 3k…and i also suspect A/F. I got a CEL code 43 and replaced my O2, got the code again after replacing it, and havnt got it since then…

I am doing a lot of research on it, one thing i think i am going to try is measuing my fuel pressure, since i am thinking it may be related to my fuel filter/FPR…BUT i havnt figured it out yet, maybe one of us will find the awnsers somday :smiley:

I have the same problem. My plugs are also white. I’m also thinking that it’s in the fuel delivery problem but not sure. At first i was thinking water in the gas but not sure. Seems to only do it under a load, won’t do it when i just rev it.

Yep, that’s exactly how it sounds for me. Too much water in the gas? That’s pretty bad right? I switched out the Chipped ECU and put back the stock one and everything is peachy for me so far. I really think it’s a fuel delivery issue.

I have put 2 botttles of seafoam in and only run chevron gas, so i dont think its from water…

I think it has to do with fuel pressure varying, i think thats what we are feeling, the drops in fuel pressure throughout the rom band…

I unplugged the oxygen sensor and it’s gone, I’m going to order a new one.