Another MSD ignition thread.. Opinions wanted.

I have had the MSD SCI box, ignitor, ss blaster coil, plugs and distributor cap in storage for a long time, I’m running a 170 hp b16a SiR II swap with a chipped obd1 ecu, aftermarket headers, CAI, and a full 2.5 inch exhaust with high flow cat. Would it be beneficial to hook up my MSD setup at this point? I wouldn’t be wasting any money since I already own the components. I would probably be upgrading to some NGK plugs though. I have searched and there are mixed opinions regarding this topic. So what do u guys think?

the stock system is plenty. run the plugs made for your car. sell the msd.

Iceman makes a good point. However, i understand where you’re comming from as well. I am on my second msd (system) coil,etc on an i/h/e stock block car, and while i can’t say it’s increasing performance, it is doing what it’s supposed to do, and that’s amplifing the ignition spark, resulting in a more complete burn per stroke,yada yada…my point is, it works, and it’s free so i would use it!:rockon:

x2, stock is good up to 500hp, word on the street that is

also when you sell it be sure to tell the buyer “thanks for the free money bitch!” hahaha