Another uneven drop thread! Need help ASAP...

Okay I put on my brand new Skunk 2 springs the other week. The problem is the rear is SLAMMED and the front looks lowered about 1.5in. I’ve seen others have had this problem but I couldn’t find anything about fixing it. I tried driving for a week or so to see if for some reason they may settle, but nothing. Here’s the breakdown.

Skunk2 springs for 90-93 Integra (it says it on the box)
Stock shocks
Ebay camber kit

I tried to see if the rear springs would fit the front struts but they don’t. There not interchangable at all. I don’t know what else to do. What could cause this. Thanks,


I got the same problem, i got eibach sportline spings with tokico shocks, had them for about a month and half, every corner of my car has a different gap size.

Mines just a difference between the front and back. Sides are even but the front is jacked up alot higher than the rear. I know the rear fenders sit a little lower than the front to give that apperance, but this is a BIG difference.


I have the Skunk2 springs installed with Tokico blues & I had the same problem. There was a 1-2 finger gap in the front while the back sits on the tire. I bought a front set of the skunk2 coilovers & installed them last weekend. Solved the problem!

It sounds like you put the front springs on the back and the back springs on the front? We did that on accident to my friends civic once and it turned out just like you’ve described… But you say they won’t fit on the front though… Hmm…

Yeah, I know there on right. The back springs fit the back strut perfect. I even took them all off to see if that’s what I did. The front spring doesn’t even come close to fitting right on the rear.


I’m pretty sure the tegs sit like that with the stock springs, don’t they? Smaller gap in the rear than the front. Lowering it just makes it easier to notice.

The rear is tucked and the front has about 3 inch finger gap. :shrug:

haha. ok, yeah that’s not right.

call up skunk 2 and get the specs on the springs…sounds to me like you have a set of dc2 springs on the DA…alot of people come to my work and ask why the rear is flush but the fronts are so much higher…99% of the time they have the wrong kit, i know alot of distributors have been known to mix the springs up but @ my store we take each set of lowering springs that come in and open each box to make sure they are what the box says… :manual:

I will give it a try tomorrow. That’s the only thing that I could think of was being wrong springs. The box says 90-93 Integra, but I guess the springs could be wrong. I will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks,


bump caused I’m curiuos too. I have the neuspeed race springs that did the exact same thing (probably comparable drop to the skunk2’s). I don’t want coilovers either. I love the way it feels but geez come on! I wouldn’t care if there was a way to get the back to sit a bit higher to make it look more even. I thought I saw something about flipping a piece in the rear (I can’t remember what its called) and it would bring the rears up a bit. I don’t know!

whenever dropping a teg the back always looks lower then the front. Either buy springs that drop your car more in the front then the back, or coilovers, or deal with it. The rear fenders are cut lower than the front fenders, so whenever dropping a teg you will run into this problem. Mine is dropped 2.5 in the front and 2 in the back, and the drop looks even. Good luck!


^^^ I already stated that I know the rear fenders appear lower than the front. I also stated that the difference was extreme. Not because of the appearence of the rear fenders.