another xhaust post - what have i gotten into?

got a 92 gs at

went into the shop thinking i was going to get a dc sport cat-back exhaust but the guy there told me (more or less) i was going to get a tanabe super hyper medallion cat-back exhaust so it’s on order.

has anyone had a bottleneck problem with the flange connection between the cat and the b pipe?

does anyone have any idea what i got myself into (performance, sound, install (how they gonna put it in when tegs have side-to-sides?), etc.)…

hey whats up
what is bottleneck i heard that before but dont know what it is

hey prop where u from in hawaii??


howzit - palolo here.

i’m not too familiar with bottlenecks myself but this is how it was explained to me: right behind the cat flange connection to the b pipe there is a small section that is less than 2" in diameter causing a bottleneck or a restricting of exhaust flow and the ability to extract full power potential from the engine. if all your piping is 2.25", 60 mm or larger, this 2" section can be a bottleneck to your whole system. not sure if tanabe has corrected this situation or not. i understand this is not only in the tanabe exhaust system but others as well. there is a tapered flange that can correct this. i don’t know how much of a problem this is and what effect it has on hp.

can anyone give me their experience with tanabe’s super hyper medallion cat back exhaust? i’m still waiting for the system to come in so there’s a chance i can change systems if i can support that case. also, if i have an auto trans, does it matter much?