Antenna motor works, yet won't go down.

Hey I was wondering if anyone knows how to investigate/fix my current problem with the antenna. My antenna is always up constantly, yet I know that the motor still works for it because when I turn off the car or turn on/off the radio, I hear the motor running as it should be if it were to go up and down. Thanks. <----- New member of g2ic with a 91 integra LS 4-dr

teg tips, go to exterior section on automatic antenna repair. # 8 should be ur problem

You have have a broken “runner”, [long, flexible plastic/nylon “rod” with gear teeth on one edge/side of it] it has broken someplace between the tip of the ant., [it is connected to that last part of your ant. the solid last section] and the worm gear, [feeds the plastic/nylon rod in and out of the reel].

Or, if you are lucky, there will just be some teeth missing off the “runner”, [a dead spot].

Try this, have someone turn off the HU as you try to push the mast down, sometimes all it takes is a little tapping on the tip of the mast, [down] to get it to go, if it is broken or teeth are missing and nothing is jammed the ant. will go down, DO NOT force it.

The ant. will come up again when the HU is turned on again, before you turn on the HU again undo the shaft nut at the base of the mast, [on outside of car] as the mast comes up you will be able pull the mast out of the housing, exposing the “rod”, [still being pushed out of the reel] when the ant. motor stops, [note the direction the gear teeth on the “rod” are facing pull the rest of the “rod out of the housing inspect the end of the rod to see if a piece is missing, [no taper on end of rod] and the first 5” - 6" of teeth for for damage.

OK here is the good/bad/bad part, “good part” if the end of the “rod” has a taper and there are missing or damaged teeth, you will not have to remove the rest of the power ant. to fix it, “bad part #1” if there is no taper, [broken piece still in reel, power ant. housing must be removed, disassembled cleaned up broken piece removed then reassembled and installed, "bad part #2 either way you will have to go to Acura and buy a replacement mast. :sad: 94

So all in all, how much would this repair cost? and the est. time that it would take to actually fix and find out the problem.

15 min. max, [unless the nut is jammed] to find out if it is the “rod”, [as long as it takes to undo the shaft nut holding the mast in] if all of the rod comes out, all you have to do is shove the new mast, [“rod”] into the housing, push it down as far as it will go then turn of the HU, if there is no problem in the housing, the “rod” will be reeled up on the reel pulling the ant. mast down into the housing, reinstall shaft nut, your done, [1/2 hr max.] the mast will cost anywhere from $20 to $60 CDN. depending on where you get it.

If the housing has to be pulled and the ant. disassembled, cleaned, relubed and reassembled and reinstalled, you still pay for a new mast, plus about 2 hr of labour, we charge $86 plus parts for most power ant. re & re and repair, here are 41 items… aftermarket power ant. to replacement masts. :whisper:94

That’s a lot just to fix an ant. I had someone press down the ant when I turn off the radio and it works and it will come back up as well, cept that it wont sdo it again. lol

Pull the mast out and find out what the problem is. :idea: 94

Ok, I tried turning on/off the radio with someone pressing down the antenna, it won’t really go down, it seems like I guess rusted or such. So I’m goign to pull the mast out completely and what exactly do you want me to look at.

If it will not go down at all, check for corrosion around the base of the mast where it goes into the housing. :hmm: 94

there is no corrosion at all, if you mean like rusting. I havent poped open the circle thingy.

You will have to remove the shaft nut, if there is a problem it will be just under it. :whisper: 94