Antenna placement help

Hey Guys…

Is it possible toput the antenna inside the car instead of on the outside? I just had the Teg painted 3 months ago, and some Bozo whacked my antenna with the upper door on his maintenance truck,cracking and chipping my new paint in the process. I`m thinking of filling the antenna hole completely andmounting the antenna inside the fender wall. Will this be o.k. for reception?


I don’t think your reception would be too good. One time a connection came loose on my power antenna and the reception was terrible with it just being retracted in the side of the trunk. Unless you really want no antenna showing, i don’t think it’s worth it.

I have an idea I’ve yet to try. Rip the antenna of a ford focus and put it in the rear window washer spot. I’m gonna shave my antenna and put it there as soon as I get paint money. Sorry to hear about the paint. Make him pay to fix it. Or else:gun: