Antenna wire behind radio ??

After a paint job on my 93 RS (canadian version with a manual antenna), seems that by some way they disconnected my antenna from behind my radio when removing the carpet. Now, I don’t find the wire and before removing carpet or everything, I would like to know if someone could point me the “factory route” that the antenna wire is supposed to use, so I can easily find it back. Maybe they just left it under the carpet, but without even knowing if the wire is passing under the carpet or is coming from the dash, I’m pretty lost.

Also, does anyone ever removed a manual antenna from an integra ? I was looking in the teg tips the DIY Replacing Broken Antenna and mine is not at all similar to that… no silver cap that can be unscrewed.


the ant. lead runs up drivers side to drivers seat,crosses over to consol and runs to radio. :slight_smile:

To remove ant. you will need to remove the rear drivers trim panel, [yes that whole thing] then you will see how ant. is mounted. :shock: 94