any 12 sec Tegs????

Any out there? if so post your setup, turbo-N/a im curious

Allen here in md has 12 sec teg… fully buily lsvtec turbo putting 360 to the wheels.


yea? has he ever ran 12s? i thought he ran only once and ran a 13.5 thats not much of a 12 second car in that case. why would u post some one else’s shit like that???

360 to the wheels and he’s not running 12’s??? Somethings not right there. Is that on street tires??

I know of a G3 in town that has 280 to the wheels and he’s dipping into the 12’s.

Kyle failed to mention that he ran a 13.6 because he hit the brakes to avoid his hood flying up cause the tech support guys didn’t close it before he staged…

yes he ran a 13.6 WHILE HITTING THE BRAKES, so had he not hit the brakes and ran 15 PSI instead of 10 he would have hit the 12’s, there is no doubt. This kid Aaron with a H22 turbo in a hatch ran 12’s easy, only 270 to the wheels… allen has 90 hp over that. His car only ways 300 lbs more then aarons car. I am sure he is in the 12’s…

and I posted pics of his whip cause someone asked a question I answered it. Nothing wrong with that. :bawl:

is that the pic of when he ran?? Cuz itlooks like his hood is open.

has that car EVER made a 12 second pass?

my civic is a 12 second car. just give me awhile… :roll:

i should be pretty close to 12 seconds, if i put the stock brakes back in and put slicks on.

My setup is N/A

Man this suck… when i was in at my camaro fourms everyone thought my camaro was slow(13.48). here 12’s and 13’s are just about mythical

Um… ok. I know of 2 DA’s and 3 DC’s just in my town that can hit 12’s with slicks. Doesnt seem that mythical.

250-300whp and you cant hit 12’s, thats not hard to do with boost. Hell, you can do that with a stock motor. But if your hitting 12’s N/A thats something special.

yea this does suck. bye. :wave:

or u could do wat my friend did in town and take his 92 hatch. put h22 with some light head work tuned ecu and i/h/e and run 12.3’s on street tires with a 1.8 60". learn to drive o and weight reduction. no lexan or carbon fiber.

Just a new thing to me thats all i am saying.

250-300 hp not that hard to do? thats more than two stock engines. Think about it. You need some serious determination or a nice sized wallet (in most cases a lax gf/fiance/wife)

my girlfriend knows my cars come before her.

Good… SOunds like a --101 Student—.
(4 those know what i am talking about)

lol u must not be getting any either…

boost :idea:

You have no idea how many stock LS’s with boost Ive seen putting down 250 to the wheels. As long as you got a couple a grand to spend it shouldnt be that big of a deal. And if your not willing to spend a couple a grand on your car your in the wrong hobby.

Clean Ass Integ

Hey man your integra is sick i want to be running low 13’s high 12’s by all motor perhaps… anyway sick car! later hit me up whenever aight.