Any comments on a Reactive Steanless exaust ?

I’ve been offered a Reactive Steanless exaust but I’m not sure if It’s a good buy. Used for 2 weeks. Bought last summer. It’s a bolt-on for our teg. 2 inch 1/2. It start from the clench of the end of the resonator…

Any comments would be appreciate

He said he bought it 430$ ans he’s asking 250$. Real deal?

  1. 430$ for ractive exhasut? Better be tghe entire cat back system!

2)if you want to sound like a cross between a bumble bee caught in a can and a fat guy sitting on a whoopie cusion then this is the exhaust for you!

i know a buddy of mine that put a ractie exhaust on his g2 and the thing when from quite to v-8 sounding! The damn exhaust has 0 sound dedning ability and is a magnet for all cops to pull you over!

Thanks a lot twin !! That’s the kind of comment I was waiting for!

I’m still searching for a exaust… for about 250$ I have no idea what I could get… maybe a used greddy…

hey bammer you going to the g2 qubec meet this year?

Look up member the_oz and click on his sig to go see what we are going to be doing!

Hey guys how about getting a canister and doing some maderal bent piping i was also thinking of getting a reactive muffler that fits our cars or maybe even vibrant another idea would be to put a muffler sideways and run pipes plus tips but i don’t want to see clamps ahh i might just go with the canister i also live in ontario i’ll go to midas tomorrow and get an estimate

I hope you like bumble bees and rice! Most of thoes canister/tubing custom jobs up here in canada 1)dont last long at all! 2) are rarly performed and the people dont have the skillz or exp to build em properly like they do down in the US