Any DA owners have these taillights?

I needed new taillights, because of the 3 sets I have, (yes 3…) all of them get water inside them. So I bought these off ebay because they maintain the OE style look. I was wondering if anyone else had these lights, and if so can you post pics of them?

Can’t you open a set of the leaky lights you have and re-seal them?

I’ve done it dozens of times with headlights, I’d think you can do the same with tails.

Probably can, but the one good set of lights I have the lenses are cracked, so it wouldn’t do too much good. That’s why I bought these. They’ll be sealed and look oem.

I have a set of OEM 50/50 tails clean for sale if you would like them

I bought taillights already. I don’t need yours.

is it that the tailights get water in them or is it that you need new tailight gaskets and what your seeing is condensation?

Both. But the lenses on the lights are cracked too so I bought the lights I liknked above.

Looks like nobody else has em, so why dont YOU post pics? Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

I’ve always thought those looked kinda cool, like how they put them on 240s. Buy em and let’s see what’s up.

Ok I got these the other day and put them on. They’re not too bad. They look pretty close to OEM, except they’re a lot shinier and have a better red/white look than 50/50’s. The plastic on these isn’t great though. In some spots inside the lenses there are bubbles. The bubbles don’t protrude, but they’re inside the plastic. Overall, I’m impressed. I like them and now my trunk and lights don’t leak water in them. They don’t look as good on camera though. They appear very reflective, but they aren’t. Pics:

Have a full rear shot?

thanks for the pictures

[QUOTE=TegFan;2298755]Have a full rear shot?

thanks for the pictures[/QUOTE]

Here ya go:


I dig em.

Thanks. What I just noticed today that I really like about them is that there isn’t an amber reflector or lens inside the lights, so my amber turn signal bulbs are clearly visible and don’t come out white or red. I hate red blinkers on car taillights. They’re so annoying and hard for me to see sometimes.

I want to find those for my DB1, but nobody makes taillights for the DB1.

[QUOTE=mike61096;2298305] I was wondering if anyone else had these lights, and if so can you post pics of them?[/QUOTE]

I have some pics. But these are OEM. If I saw yours in person I would probably not notice that they’re not OE.