Any way to put DA rear seats in a DB1???

My db1’s interior is shot!! I know that I can find some front seats anywhere but finding them for the rear has been a pain since we are planning on keeping the interior tan except the carpet.

So is it possible to put the rear seats from a coupe in a sedan??

By the way I am only speaking of the bottom 1/2…

nevermind…I got bored and decided to just take the rear seat outta my db1 and give it a shot.

It is rounded out a little bit in the db1…but it fits! Now all I gotta so it find a full set of clean tan seats!

Hey I’d be interested in some pictures of what you mean by rounded out. Reading this thread has given me some ideas.

I’ll get some pics later then. My wifes takes the db1 to work with her unless someone else wants to chime in and take a picture of the rear seat installed on a db1 with the door open…

If not…I will take pics 2nite of have my wife take one with her celly

DAMN! I sent my wife a text and 3 minutes later I had pics in my inbox! She must be excited to get her interior done.

PLEASE EXCUSE THE FILTHY INTERIOR…THIS IS AFTER A SHAMPOO! The care sat on a farm with the windows open for a year with no motor b4 I bought it.

Here you can see the rounded edge

Here is another

Notice the difference when compared to my DA9 seats…no curve as they go straight across. The unfinished fabric on the outer edge of the DA seat shows when u put them in a db1

will rear db1 seats fit in a da?

only the bottom is swappable