Anybody running a B20 throttle body with blox intake.

Is anybody running with a blox/skunk2 intake manifold with a B20 throttle body? I basically have that set up and I’m having trouble with getting the idle to come down below 1200-1500 rpm even with the engine warm. I’ve checked all connections, vaccums lines, cleaned the FITV and IACV, checked/adjusted the TPS, checked for leaks and still keep getting the same problem. I read somewhere somebody saying that a b20 won’t work, but it didn’t explain why.

this probly wont help but i heard skunk2 made a intake that would’nt let your car idle until it was warmed up

hehehe, ya not really helpful, but thanks. That doesn’t make sense. How do you warm the car up then? Isn’t that the point of idling - so you can warm it up?

i think that the b20 throttle body doesnt work well with b18 intake manifolds. not spose even bolt up i think not sure tho

Well it does bolt up, but I’m just not sure if it is 100% compatible with the Blox intake manifold. I can’t recall what the mating surfaces of the throttle body and the intake look like so I’m not sure if there are missing/extra passages causing some sort of blockage or leak.

I dont have the B20 Tb , but I have the Blox intake manifold with a Sk2 Tb and I have problems with the idle too.Check your Tps and Map Sensor that’s where some of my problems were.