anybody with 18" problems out there?

i have a friend who put 17s on his ride and i want to put 18s on. he said he wanted to get 18s but they dont fit. DOES ANYBODY HAVE 18S AND IF SO WHAT DID YOU DO TO PUT THEM ON?


i had 18’s they will fit but they will rub. if he is lowered he will have to raise it for it not to rub i took my 18’s off and traded them for some 17’s

its for me. My friend has the same g2 teg but got 17s because he said 18s wont fit. I want 18s until he told me that, but i have a few ???

if you roll the fender lips will they still rub?
is it suspension movement or turning movement that makes it?
how low would you recommend to go?

was it worth the hassle?

thanks bro

it all depends how low you want to go if you look on my link there is a pic with my 18’s on. i lowered it and 2 inches i think and it would rub like hell. when you turn the steering wheel as far as you can it rubs and in the back when you lower it you need to take your mud flaps off because it will rub a hole in them like it did on mine. as for the rolled fenders i am not shure on if it will rub or not… If all else fails put them on and experiment with them.