anyone deal through them for engines?

have any of you guys checked these out?

Im located in El monte there is a local shop i deal with with no problems so far and very happy with there engines and quite a bit cheaper then the 2nd site. that site seems to be way to much. But i have never delt with those shops Just think they want to much.

do they have a website? I’m in chino hills and am looking for a b16.

NO sorry.

they are off the 60 freeway at rosemead blvd. Prices they give are usally about 650 engine and around 1200 engine+tranny+comp. i have had friends buy from other people and and get no disturbtor or missing sensors or no wiring or something like that. These guys dont work like that. Their brother owns a wreaking yard in JAP and they have dirrect connections there. I have not found many places like this. Anyways email me if you want me to find the exact adress.

is the place called Imoto???

Hook Ups in Upland, CA

I my engine stuff at Hook Ups in Upland, CA (maybe 20-30 min frmo El Monte). A few weeks ago they quoted me a B16(a?) for $1300 installed, including the new ECU. I’ve been very happy with what they’ve done to my 91 RS so far.

did that include tranny, or are you still using your ls tranny?

I didn’t actually get the motor, but the deal included only motor. A B16 J1 trans there which I did get was $500 + tax/labor.

They are a hack shop. i work at a tranny shop around the corner and between HOOK-UPS and RAGE we have tons of band-aid jobs to fix. I have seen some very fast cars come out of there but to many hack jobs. And i have never seen them quote a fair price like that b4. 1300 is not a bad price at all. thats probley the price ABCD ( the shop i deal with) will give you 1200-1300 will have to ask. A firend just bought a b16 engine only from them (he dont know to much) they ripped him off. they sold him the engine for 650 which is a good price but it had no distubutor (they told him later 200 bucks for one) no vtec oil pressure sensor (they told him 90 bucks for one which i got one from the dealer for 35 bucks) and knock sensor was broke along with the engine looking so bad and even the TB had to be replaced to much salt water damage. The thing with hook-ups and most other shops they dont directly import the engines. they have to mark-up alot. ABCD is a direct impoter. If you go there they have the real stuff RSX type R front clips, SLIVIAS and other nissians, toytas i dont know anything about. They are much cheaper then anyone i have found. I get my 1 piece lights for 150 from them. and very clean .