anyone else have the honey beige or gold da

i would love to see others wit hthe honey beige or gold das and what color wheels u guys have on it this is the one color that i hardly see and i have one and im having trouble finding what color wheels to get i already had blk wheels and im thinking of getting blk wheels again

Honey Beige is a rad color. Urban brown interior is pretty cool too, the seats have a nice pattern. You really dont see them around often, and even less modded.

There’s a member here with a gallery who probly has my favorite HB teg.

man no one else rocks this color da

i dont think it was very popular from the beginning. its prolly the more rare combination of DA colors

lol lucky me huh to get this one im just trying to figure out whats the best color rims to get with this color besides blk

I believe there is an African American gentleman in our forum that rocked a Gold DA with white Regamasters… forgot his screenname though…

I would say silver, polished, and graphite would probably look best but you could get away with white or bronze.

White!! Any pics of your car?

lol i guess only african americans drive the gold da’s hence im also african american and i have pics of my car with polished axis og’s and also with blk slips i tend to like blk wheels because it matches all the trim and m carbon fiber hood and lip

very nice


^agreed, VERY nice. What are the specs on those wheels?

15x8 0 offset those wheels are sold though

I made a Thread About this color long time ago but heres some before pics and after.



ill for sure get another Honey Beige integra in the future but for now no funds to keep the DA alive but until then imma collect parts for it.

^^ Holy shit dude! Where did this DA come from? Never seen it before… BADASS! Specs on suspension, rims and tires please! :drool:

i dont know but ill ask him…he sold it awhile back but ill let u know