Anyone ever mount an antenna on their roof?

Im hoping to mount an antenna, like this one or something like it, on my roof. Like where the hole for the pretty much useless rear spray nozzle is. I know theres people out there that have done this. How’d you go about doing it? Where did you run the wires? Did you have to cut anything? What interior panels to do you have to take off to mount it and run the wiring, and how do you take em off? If the antenna is powered, like the one I want to get, how do you wire that up? What did you use to plug the old antenna hole? And, what did you do with the hoses that go to the nozzle? I know Im asking quite alot, but I dont wanna screw this up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Jon B

ask leftcorner (jason). i knows he’s done this to his and shirley’s car (92LS).

If you don’t use your Rear Wiper you could put it there… or make the hole just before that and put it there… I seen that done but the guy took his wiper off and you need to take the head liner out (pain in the A$$) becarefull not to fold it and run the wire to the trunk down the rear c Pillar… to the stock one. I would say fairly easy you would just need to take your time.

I have a fuba antenna where the spray nozzle used to be. I had to cut out a hole so I could fit the nut on the darn thing. It took about 3 1/2 hours to complete. Took out the headliner and everything. Let me know if you want pics. :wink:

WoW, Cool. Pics would be great man. And also, how do you go about getting the headliner off anyways? Thanks!

And… this is for anyone who knows about electrical stuff, how do I go about wiring up a powered antenna? I think Im gonna be buying this pretty darn soon cause my radio reception is getting worse and worse.

-Jon B

Something you should also know. My reception still sucks with the fuba antenna. I have one that has a built in amplifer and the reception still sucks. I dont listen to the radio that much anyway. What I am going to do is buy another amplifer for my antenna. HTH.