anyone ever put a c5 head on a ls block

my ls has ran its last leg and im about to rebuild im thinking of trying to put the c5 head i got for doing flooring on it but ive heard it might not be a good match im not going turbo or anything just motor

shouldn’t be any different from any other lsVtec swap. other than the better cylinder head, anyway.

why would that not be a good match. it’ll be a normal ls/vtec with a already good intake manifold and cams. go for it.

if you think of the c5 head for what it is (a honda modified b16 head), then you can see it will be fine. to be honest, i would trade the head for a b16a head and some $$ on top. that way your not ruining a honda “masterpiece”. but thats just my feelings toward it.

yeah i knew i’d work i just didnt want to slap it together and run a frankistein motor

since i have the motor apart what do you guys think about sleeving it?..nessesary or useless?

what are you looking to build? all out race NA engine? stroke/bore then engine to the limit?

if its just a simple ls/v build up, just leave the stock sleeves in there.

well what is the car going to be used for? DD? Track? Both? Are you going to boost it? Is it going to be all motor? These questions you need to think about to determine if you want to get it sleeved. If your not going with boost, I would say don’t waster your time sleeving it, bit if boost is a possibility in the future, go ahead and do it now while you have the motor out.

whats involved with all motor ?

Boat loads of money…

You need to do some searching, and decide what you are really wanting to attain out of doing all of this work, what your budget is, and whether it is worth it to you.

Most guys who just want power will do better with a turbo setup. I’m going all motor because I work at a shop and have access to everything I need for deals, and I am going to road course my car, so I want a reliable, good HP all motor setup.

If you just want to go fast, go boost.

I recommend putting in some P30 pistons, and get tuned.

The C5 head is a great starting point. I would trade for a GSR B18C1 head and money simply because of more compression.

well its a daily but i figure i’d go all motor i dont want to go boost since i commute alot cant worry about every little thing im thinking of buying another DA for a track car later on ha plus streets not safe for boost in my town theres random vehical inspection now and some places crush your car if you get busted racing i’ll try to post pictures of the progress so far tomorrow

just got back to it got sent out of town for a week so this is it starting the tear down this week