Anyone going to integra Nation 2 in Lakeland , FL?

The meet is Sunday November 6th 2016 from noon to 6PM. There is a Facebook page if you need any info.

Link to Facebook post?

I’m old and don’t know how to make a link that is not to my account.

are you going??? if you do ill ride with you out there.

My wife and I will go. It sounds like fun! We are in Gainesville, and have always wanted to go to a meet, but never have. We have a 1992 LS we’ve planned on restoring for a while, and the stars (and piggy bank) are finally aligning.

I will be there in my 91 LS-S, might also bring a 92 GSR ( if it is ready by then).

Update: did not buy the GSR. The owner did not tell me about the damage to the floor boards and the rocker panels. Evidently the car was towed on a dolly and the dolly jumped the wheels and fubared the floor boards, sub frame, rocker panels, both doors and the cat. 8 hour drive each way, trailer rental and gas for the V10 Excursion, oh well…


Someone please take pics!