anyone have the new xxr 531?

Just wondering if any has rocked the new xxr 531 yet on der d.a.
Am curious how fresh dey wuld look.(;

For the most part I’ve only seen a few pics of them other cars. I believe their backordered, at least for the platinum series. I’d like to see them on the DA too.

Well i know alot of shops in cali that have them in stock. Except for the platinums. There not even out yet but i wana see how they sit on a d.a.

just got mine in the mail. 16x8 0 offset platinum. Ill be posting pics soon.

i heard all XXRs are on back order that they are having problems with their factory, cuz i had one of my 002s get jacked and i ended up selling bc i didnt wanna wait a few months just for 1 to replace it. looking forward to seeing the 531s on a car soon tho

The set I ordered was from seller “wheel outlet” on eBay. No problems. Packed very well.

I made an appointment with tire shop for Monday. I’ll post pics first of next week.

I dnt like how u have to wait a month or so for the xxrs frm nlmotoring. Dats dumb kuz in l.a. dey gad the xxrs the first day dey came out. Cheaper den nl motoring had dem. Even the platinums

how do i find the seller wheel outlet on ebay?

16x8 0 offset 195/40 Falken 912

car is dusty

[QUOTE=koolkid420;2267507]16x8 0 offset 195/40 Falken 912

car is dusty[/QUOTE]

Love it!

definitely love it!! air ride?bbbb