Anyone here have experience with PIC Coilovers?

Am I the only one that always misses the second ‘o’ in coilver? Coilover…

Anyway, did a couple searches and I remember seeing someone who had them on here a while back but I cant find the post.

I will be in the market to get some suspension in the not-too-distant future, and I was wondering about these as they look pretty decent.

If not these I will probably get some koni yellows and some eibach sportlines or similar.
Coilovers arent imperative for me, but I would like to have the option to raise the car in winter conditions if needed…

What kind of ride quality are they, handling etc? Good build quality over tien or similar? Am I correct in reading they were adjustable from about .8" to around 3" drop?

From what I heard, for people that are running these pic coilovers. I head they ride and handle like its no tomorrow.

anyone around here actually using them? First hand experience?

never mind this… I tried a few more specific searches and found what I was looking for.!

pics of the pic on the DA? I would like to see how agressive the car can look on these. Specifically the PIC Selects. What thread did you find to get what you were looknig for? I would like to read as well.

I got the PIC selects last year and used them for AutoX last summer. I am nothing but impressed! The quality is awesome and once I re-learned how to drive my car (did Coils, Subframe brace, Rear Sway, Rear tower brace, and Front camber all at the same time :stuck_out_tongue: ), was able to keep up in SM with some of the veterans on R-comps with my street tires. I got the 12K fronts and 10K rears.

I cant find any pict of my car just sitting with them on but here are a few.

How’s the 12k/10k combo for daily street driving . . . Harsh?

It would probably be a little harsh to drive daily, but the way in handles on course is amazing! I heard before I bought the setup that people who had the 10-8s wished they would have gone stiffer right away, so I just did that.

This teggy is a mostly a fair weather girl but its not that bad cruising around and driving to events. but you definitely feel every part of the road.

I’m also looking it to the PIC coilover. thats good info on them. My teg is mainly a weekend fun car with occasional track time. so do you think the 10k~8k be better suited for me?

I went with the 10k-8k selects myself. I haven’t got them on the car yet though. I am waiting to decided what I want to do about bushings this time, and I need a few misc parts before I tear apart the suspension. I curently have eibach sportlines on kyb struts, full poly bushings, oem t/a bushings, spc rear ucas, revo front ucas, and and an st rear swaybar.

I am adding full race traction bars, function 7 rear lcas w/endlinks, pic 10k-8k selects, looking for hard rubber front lca and uca bushings, I am debating pci spherical t/a bushings, and I will most likely add st front bar and a asr rear package.

I will make sure to post my results after I get a couple autox runs in with the new setup installed.

From the research I did a while back the PIC select and Koni(race)/GC were pretty much neck and neck as best for that price range. I opted for the Koni setup because at that time 95% of the reviews on the Koni’s were positive while only about 50% were positive for the PIC’s. But that was awhile back and people have had more time to test 'em out and I’m pretty sure they are fairing quite well, plus they’ve made a couple changes to improve 'em. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to run them.

anybody use the tanabe coilovers? I heard there a perfect street/track setup. smooth on the southern cali streets but can handle the track very well. any info?