Anyone know about these spiralmax superchargers?

they are like, intake superchargers, $65 a pop, 2 will boost like 50hp (or so they say) are they worth a damn?

if they are, thats a damn good invesmtnet


Search for it here.

But basically, no one recommends them.

great quote man, its so true… so very true
half my money goes into my car
the other half i awste on cigarettes and beer


but, i think, if they really do add like 40 hp, thats a heck of an idea…
$120 for 40 hp isnt bad

tried it and it does not work.

yuh, i dunno… you got some before and after dynos?

i got some and drove with it and it did’nt do **** so i returned it.

my friend has it in his 2000 gt… he says theya re great…

but hell, i dunno
might as well get em and see…

it does not do a damn thing in our cars trust me

Super Street Magazine did a test on this item about a yr ago, and they dynoed the car with an amazing .1 HP gain!!! If you want to pay 65-80 for something that will fall apart and get sucked into your intake manifold, just go right ahead!

I bought one, and hell, it’s still in my intake for shits and giggles… I didn’t notice much of a difference, if there was one at all. It’s pretty as hell when you first look at it though… stainless steel blades… no, it’ll NEVER fall apart, but your chances of cutting yourself on the blades are pretty high… :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA! Why would you pay money for something that does nothing but obstruct airflow? Quoted from their website:

0 to 35 increase in horsepower
Does noone see the lower limit? Please don’t waste your money.

they’re garbage…but you might wanna try something else it’s callled a helix power tower they came out with a setup for hondas this year…i use it in my car and it’s pretty sweet I notice the difference

hm are you talkign about tha extension piece that extend the TB and supposely makes the air spin??? i personally think the idea is the same though.