Anyone putting 9006 as a replacement of h4h in their jdm one piece???

As what the heading says…

Need advice as here i can only get 9006 but not 9007. Reason to do the conversion is because the H4h is not available here and when i used the H4, it’s not bright at all.and seems that since the h4 are shorter than the h4h, the light beam didn’t really reached out…

The mechanic here say it’s not a problem to convert the wiring from H4 to 9006, just that need to know if teh light patetrna nd brightness will be the same…

Thank you.

I read about some guys doing it on the JDM 1-pc lites(h4h bulbs) for the Acura Legend, I thot it might be possible on our 1-pc also…

I have an extra set of 9006XS Silverstar bulbs and was thinking of getting the 'ol dremel tool to shave off 2 tabs, but Silverstars are not cheap… When I get a hold of some halogen 9006 and a set 9006 harness, I’m gonna see if it works.

I would like to know about this also. I’m not too concerned about the modifying needed, just how well the light is projected on the road.

Thanks for the info DAManace…pls do tell us about it when you have done the conversion.

Anymore replies with regards to the aiming of the headlight?

By the way, I know that US gen2 uses the 9004/9007, but what’s teh different between 9006 and 9007?

the same difference it would be between a 9006 and 9004. 9004/9007 are dual filament bulbs with a low/hi beam. light output and filament placement is positioned for optimum output on headlights it was DESIGNED for.

9006 is a low beam bulb only. bulb size and filament placement is different.

it is quite obvious that light pattern and brightness won’t be the same. 9006 bulb wasn’t designed to be put/used into a one-piece headlight housing. if it was, then it would have originally used that bulb.

might as well spend some money and get h4h.

if your h4 conversion is dim, then double check the wiring.

Thanks for the info…it really help.

i got h7 benz bulbs in my 1-pc. the only thigh that sucks it that i dont have high beams

well i have a 9006 HID kit in my JDM 1pc headlights… I used an 9006 harness and grinded down the 9006 HID bulbs cuz there platic and i made them fit into my JDM 1pc headlights

9006 Harness

grinded down the 9006 HID bulb

they sit in there perfect…

my HIDS warming up

My HIDS warmed up…

and here is the light out put i took the pic with my phone didnt have my camera when it was dry out…

1990DATEG: So, I assumed that you modify the wiring to H7…so, how’s the
beam pattern?..and what watt are u using since you only had
low beam?

VTECDA21: I know it’s brihgt if you are using HID 9006, but how about if you
use a normal 9006 bulb?

Anyway, thankf for you info? anyone with anymore info?

i just have had hids only sorry…

9006 are weak compared to a 9005 conversion… just shave the 2 knobs inside the 9005 bulb and cut the right side of that top piece… and it’ll fit right in… brighter and better… and for the silverstars they suck don’t last, 3 months at most… I wasted so much money on em… better just get the piaa and get the warranty…

yea i had to mod the wiring.i think there pretty bright. im not shure on the wattage i gotta check.

ya i tried h4’s in my one pieces and it was shitty and not bringht at all…so i put stock h4h bulbs and they are bright as hell…now for when they burn out(hopefully not soon) ima get one of these of ebay i know they are a little pricey but i wanna be able to see dammit w/o having to do surgery to my headlights

The Polarg’s I got off Ebay are great!! Pricey, but nice color and great output. Better than stock, and I didnt have to modify a thing. :up:

Which polarg’s did you get. the Regular SuperWhites or the B1 Hybrids?

Anyone know why 1 is more expensive than the other?

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