anyone remember the 4 door in honda tuning?

He was/is a member on here. It was a torino red 4 door DB1 with a full type R swap. At least i think it was honda tuning. Trying to find the article of the car. It had wantanabes on it. Thanks G2.


that be me…

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!1 There it is. Got pics? Trying to show a friend your car! My hard drive took a dump and my pics of your car got lost years ago.

edit: could i email you with questions i have on it? Just wondering if you would be ok with that.

I’ve got scans.

damn thats clean

Looks a lot like what mine is going to look like, minus the really really nice parts, lol. Paint is what I meant. Instead of carbon I’m just gettin it painted black though. Maybe later I’ll be able to swap it to carbon.

haha i have that one next to my toilet always gotta have good reading material idk how many times i’ve read all my old magazines with da’s in them so many parts i drool over.

thanks for the kind words fellas!

yeah feel free to email me with any questions…thx

[Billy Madison] Soooooo hot. want to touch the hiney.[/Billy Madison]

car is gorgeous. i remember seeing pics of it on here a few years ago from a show or meet or something like that

Nice! I still have my copy of that month stashed away.