Anyone running the full-race traction bars?

looking to pick up a traction bar set up for my car to remove the ugly stock front crossmember on my car and make my front end a bit more tight, just wondering if anyone on here is running the set up with a hydro tranny? trying to check if the bars will even work since i have the hydro tranny and dont have that front mount anymore, no fitting issues?? just trying to make sure before i bite the bullet and purchase one for my car

Hang too low. Explicit speed performance is the only one that tucks up properly.

is the mounting the same way? or does it use the stock crossmemeber holes?

There are many of us that have one on here. To awnser your question yes you can monnt it with no promblem I would think. That fact your not running a front mount only make most def imo

The full race bar is a great piece sadly the low ground clearance is down side. Lifes full of trade offs. If you can deal with the fact its for funtion and not for looks. I recomed it
Check the for sale section. One just came on the market to long ago

thanks for your insight on it, not too worried about the ground clearance, im not really going to be all that low, but a few scrapes never killed anyone

I’ve got a Full Race bar, too. I love it. I highly recommend it. You do have to watch out turning into places that aren’t level if you are very low or you will hit it on the pavement (like I have done on numerous occasions). The part that usually hits stuff is out on the corners where the triangle pieces are welded on the bottom - mine have the paint scratched off of the triangles on both sides really good, but it didn’t affect the functioning of anything (almost every one that I have seen used is scratched there, too).