Anyone Thirsty For High Octane Gas?

I have two gas station near me that sells 100 octane leaded gas, and i was wondering can i use it daily untune on my gsr b17a1 motor? people keep telling me its better to get higher octane gas anyways but i wanna if it’s okay for my motor “untune” I know leaded gas is not good for the CAT but im running a straight pipe so its okay. I want FACTs not your opinion.

I ran 100 one time and the car ran better then 91. I wouldn’t recommend running it as a daily fuel tho. It shouldn’t hurt,but my car idled at 40mph so
And i thought leaded gas was illegal to sell at stations? The gas i ran was unleaded.


Waste of money perhaps? Why do you want to run 100 octane? Why is it better?

Well I ran some once in my crx at the 1/4 mile i was also running some squeeze an i chipped an exhaust valve so I will never run leaded gas again just my .002 on it

lol sorry i meant unleaded.wells at the same time i wanna use it before i go to sac cmi raceway.thanks for ur info

this will tell you about all the facts about race gas

What mods are on your engine? I don’t think you do not understand how combustion works or what octane rating means. Sorry but you should research a bit more before you waste your money putting race fuel in your car. Of course that company’s website is going to say it’s the best you can buy and all that bs. There are some benefits to race fuel but for your application you will likely get the same horsepower or worse. The main reason people use race fuel is because they need to or else the engine will knock. The higher the octane the more energy it takes to ignite the fuel. Not to mention that usually 100 octane is usually acheived by adding ethanol which has less energy than gasoline. There is not really anything wrong with running 100 octane, it’s just that if your engine will run on 91 properly then why pay more for 100? They only way I could see it benefitting you is if you’re running really high compression or you have a big turbo setup.

Thanks for all the info your right…it all makes sense.My motor never did knock even when i advance the timing all the way so im guessing ill be okay on 91.12:08 Yee happy birthday to me :dance:

only engines with a compression of 12:1 or higher need 100+ octane fuel due to the high heat in the cylinders. Turbo engines with high boost and nitrus also need it. My jdm itr engine runs a comp of 11:1 on jdm p73 itr pistons, if i was to add civic type r pistons on a b18c block then it would go up to 12:1 and that needs race fuel.

why would you need 100 octane if your basically stock…higher octance fuel gives a slowerr burning rate. spark timing.compression and temperature of the cylinders is what will need you to have higher octane do your research before you detonate your pistons

Anything can be possible but remember a factory base map is not the way to go with high octane unless you are tuned for it.