Anyone use 215/45/17?

So I’m replacing some 205/40/17 tires. Planning to get Azenis RT660’s.
Turbo DA. Coilovers, so I can adjust height as necessary. Skunk2 upper control arms. 17x7 wheel ET42 offset. No fender liners or wheelwell plastics.

I’m thinking I’d like to use a taller wheel to balance out being overpowered and on a short geared transmission, plus I’d like the extra ‘meat’ to help with potholes. But I’m looking to the board to see if anyone has experience with this specific tire size on a DA in particular.

Has anyone installed 215/45/17 on a DA and can let me know where there’s rubbing? I’m ok with fender rolling. I looked around the car and the only area I’m finding myself concerned with is possibly hitting the castle nut that pokes through the top of the upper control arm with the tire.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have experience with the tire size itself, but I’ve been using tire size calculators to get some confidence on what to use. Have you tried these?