Anyone w/ 96 spec ITR 4x114 conv. on a DA?

im looking for anyone who has done the 96 spec ITR 4x114 conversion on their DA… im ordering it in a few days and was wondering how difficult of a conversion it was and few other misc things…thanks


Did u ever order the conversion setup? If so how hard was it?

where u getting the conversion???

Type R is a 5 lug setup.

JDM 96 type r is 4 lug

hmm, didn’t know that. thanks for that 411.

you mean 114.3? has a pretty good price. I think he want like 750 or something for the 4 lug wheels and 4 by 114 conversion. I have seen them on a da they look good.

just do a 92-96 prelude one if you can… if all you want to change is the lug pattern, you can try 92-96 lude or 94-97 accord.

edit: bleh… I need to read more… oh well

i ended up not ordering it, but anyways… i found the conversion/ w wheels and tires…probably old tires on (icbmotorsports) for $999…

Hey KaiZeN
I was wondering if you had AIM if so hit me up on aim at NCintegra93

This true?

some guy on honda-tech said that its not possible to to do a 96 type R brake conversion on a DA???..

why not? ive seen DA’s with it b4

man he was like getting pissed off at me and shit…he said “you could only use parts from a 93 prelude” thats the only compatible parts for the conversion to work…so u know people that have sucessfully done the 96 type r brake conversion?

tell him to suck a huge cock.

You CAN use parts from a prelude… but it’s not the only one…

I had type R wheels on my lude for like 4 days… I know they’ll fit… but you don’t HAVE to… he’s full of shit.

Do u know anyone that has done the 96 R conversion?

i’ve seen it on Team-integra… but not here.

On a DA?