Anyone with 205/50R16?

Can anyone with this tire tell me if the tread wear is normal since it is a size bigger than recemended?

it’s normal :shrug:

How long have you had them for?

Dude,what are you asking?? Tread wear has to do with the makeup of a tire.All are different. How about what suspension setup are you running.What make tires.And what is normal treadwear to you??

Suspension is stock exept for a camber kit up front. I have the camber kit because 17’s i had year’s back wore on the front insides way faster than the rest. The camber kit was to late and i’ve sold those rim’s. I want more tire to fill up fender gap and to take these rough highways and streets. My wife drives a 2001 civic ex 5-speed. Her tires are 185/65R15= to 215/50R16. They fit and drive perfectly on my polar white sedan. I’m ready to put tires on my 16’s and want to hear anyone’s opinion. 205/50R16 better?

the speedometer will surely be off.

Go with 205/45-16’s.The 50’s are 1 inch taller then stock.45’s are the closest to stock diameter.

I think there’s way to much fender gap and i don’t want to lower my car

Well if you put on the 50’s it will raise your car up. Do what you want. :roll:

maybe you are asking if they will rub on the wheel wells?

the 215/50/16’s are 1.252 inches taller in diameter than stock size and 20mm wider than stock, your speedo will be off 3.2mph@60

generally on our cars with 16" wheels people will run a 205/45/16
read through that link to get to understand about what all the numbers/letters on a tire mean

i still am kinda wondering why you got a camber kit with stock suspension, even with 17’s they shouldnt wear anymore than normal for the tire if you have the correct tire size and it is properly aligned

Alignment was good and i don’t remember tire size but they looked to small. I hate fender gap, and my wife’s wheels fit perfecly.

Bigger tires will raise your car up a little bit…
I mentioned it to you bacause my sedan is dropped and it’s too low, and scraping everything, so I wanted to get my car a little higher by putting on bigger tires…But yours is stock height, you should just stick with the recomendations… If you dont like the fender gap then, why dont you just lower your car a little? You already got a front camber kit, and the rear is simple too…just a few washers…As long as you dont go super low…
Then an alignment, and your done…
Alot of these newer cars are coming out with bigger rims/tires…Some people say that 50’s are too big on 16’s, but I dont think so… I’m just worried if I can turn my steering wheel side to side without having my wheels rubbing or scraping anything…I’m not too worried about my speedo, getting thrown off track…I rather have a smoother ride on some nice rims, other than riding on stock donuts all day, cuz these roads are all messed up…

bret, the difference in height for a 205/50/16 is about 3/4" to 7/8" versus stock, so your fender gap will be reduced by less than 1/2". If that’s enough for you then go for it.

The 185/65/15’s off the Civic are about 1.25" taller than stock. If those work for you then a 205/50/16 shouldn’t give you any clearance problems. Provided the taller tire is aligned properly and doesn’t rub or bottom out, it should actually wear at a slightly slower rate since it will make fewer revs per mile. I’m not sure how it will affect your suspension dynamics though.

I would go with 205/45/16 (or the 15" equivalent) and lower it, but hey, it’s your car.

Before I bought my wheels I looked at some from a member here who had 205/55/16s, which are going to be similar in size to the 215/50s you are looking at. He said they rubbed some when going over bumps or turning sharply.