anyone with experience with stage 3 cams?

im about to put a head gasket on my sir2 b16 and while the head is off im gonna go skunk 2 dual valve springs, retainers, and valves. just wondering if the stage 3 cams will be too much duration to drive longer distances (like being unreliable) this is not my daily driver, but i do like to drive it to tennessee and florida from time to time. (i live in georgia) thanks for the help fellas! :angel:

i would only go with stage 2. stage 3 is pretty much only for the race track. it will lope like crazy and be a little difficult to drive at just crusing speeds. plus, if you only have stock internals, stage 3 won’t do you any good anyways

i was thinking that too, so how is the lope and idle with stage 2? like could it still be daily driveable if need be? (even though mines not a daily)

its driveable. just noticeable when u’re idling. i hope this thing is getting tuned after wards right?

stage 2 lopes just a little at idle, but ok for a daily driver. but yes, get it tuned

important questions missed.

#1) which stage 2 and 3 camshaft? BIG difference between a skunk2 tuner series stage 2 and a pro series stage 2 fro example.
#2) do you have headwork and/or the supporting modifications to take advantage of cams that large?

oh yeah my bad lol, yeah im getting the head P/P tuner stage 2 cams. tuner springs retainers and flat top valves and def getting a tune :slight_smile: cause with those new cams im gonna wanna rev past 8200 with my b16 lol

how big of a difference power and torque wise would the skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams and skunk2 stage 2 pro series have?