Apex-i N1??

Does anyone have an Apex-i N1 on there car?? I cant find a catback so i guess i have to get custom piping. How did you do yours?? Have pics??

i will have mine done soon i will send u some pics when its on.

an apex-i catback or any catback in general?

if you want a real nice catback I have a Thermal Research and Development 2 1/2" stainless steel catback exhaust for sale, retail is 650-700 selling for 350 + shipping might be able to work something out also. very nice deep sound, not ricey at all!

I currently have crush bent piping to an Apexi N1 (n/a type) with a resonator replacing the cat. The apexi n1 is very high pitched and annoying to me. I will be replacing the whole exhaust with the RSR ex-mag GTII (race line-up) and have heard good reviews on it, if your looking for a quality exhaust thats worth every penny then go with RSR, if you looking for something near stock thats not to loud then go with the RSR ex-mag. RSR gets a :up: from me.

and u think the gt-2 will be quiet? NO resonator with a straight thru muffler…and ground clearance issues? just wonderin if youve read/seen that…

Im not looking to quiet down my exhaust. Compare the quality of any crush bent exhaust and compare that to the GTII, the GTII out perform the cheapo exhaust by far and will and sound much better than the crush crap. I would assume that somebody would be concerned with ground clearance when its a straight back design (no over and under axle back junk).