Apexi WS2

will the apexi WS2 muffler fit on a DA? any pics of it done?



I actually have the same one sitting in my garage waiting to be installed. Ive seen it done before and it has to come out the passanger side. No way itll fit on the stock location.

darn…when u get it installed id like to see it pleeeseee

it wont fit in the stock location? as in the right side? cant muffler shop just weld it and put hangers on it and make it come out on the stock location?? i also want to see pics!

I was going to use a WS2 on my car, but when you look at the measurements for the muffler canister, its way bigger than what you can fit in the area at the stock location. So i went with HKS hi power instead since i knew for a fact it would fit. Hes right, itll need to go on the passenger side unless you do alot of hacking to the underside.

Had mine installed today. Its 2 1/2 inch catback and it wat installed on the factory driver side. Rear bumper needs to be modded a bit though. It sits a little bit over to the left side but the got it up there pefrect. Doesnt sit too low or stick out to much. Ill post pics tommorow

cant wait to see it :shock:

here they are as you can see it doesnt line up right but im having my boy fix that and theres alot of clearence with the ground.

A bit dirty but im washing her in a bit…

very nice!!
hows the sound??
and how do you plan to make it centered??

Sounds great not loud at all. You can really hear it at high rpms. Nice deep tone. Im not sure what im gonna do with the bumper yet ill let u know tommorow.

i’d take a few shots at the spare tire well. just enough to make it fit!


if you’ve got that spare in there, take it out and just bang the spare tire well in about 2 inches. hell, the spare might still fit after that, lol. not sure though.

it looks like you could’ve had better clearance between the spare tire well if that muffler had been turned upside down.

actually. is the inlet perfectly centered?

or if the muffler was the ‘off-set to the right’ one

i know this is old but i didnt want to make a new thread …has anyone else done this or have a sound clip…i cant seem to find a sound clip anywhere for the da and i know it sounds diff from everything else because of the extra bend

sound clips are never acturate to how an exhaust really sound like…but just to let you know, the WS2 exhaust is very quiet, sounds almost stock, just a little more aggressive.

it doesn’t need to be a DA…it just has to be a WS2 universal muffler sound clip, they’re all the same.


nah i know i looked at all those the thing is i have a dc header 2.5 test pipe and a hks hi-power and i wanted to just change my axle back…and yes it would be better to here it on a da because like i said da,s have an extra bend in the exhaust and completly changes the sound…if anyone is interested i would trade my hks hi power axle back with cash on top for your ws2 axle back

…with the WS2 exhaust they all sound pretty much the same, “quiet”

yea my car is pretty quiet. I have dc headers, test pipe and 2 1/4 pipe all the way back to my WS2. Not loud at all. Sounds as quiet as the ones in youtube.

thanm you that what i wanted to hear…can you make a vid so i can hear it??? i would really appreciate it