are da and db rear disc setups the same

i was wondering if the rear trailing arms are the same for the da and dbs because i have 2 db rear setups and i was goin to redo them with poly bushings but didnt want to waste my time and money if they wouldnt fit my 2dr

yes they are the same; you can also use dc2 and eg trailing arms as well.

Thanks i guess its time to strip em down get new bushings possibly new calipers new rotors and pads maybe extended studs ss brake lines

hey you were inquiring about my db1 visors from my part out thread.
i can do $200 shipped or if you would like to pick them up i can let them go for $150

Yes you can everything is the same. Like said before you can also use eg/dc trailing arms, and some other suspension components as well. You can also even run ep3 rotors on a da

^I plan on doing this

Im trading for some visors today thanks tho