are front wheel bearings directional?

In particular, I’m dealing with a 89 civic (but hope to get more valid info here than on a Honda board).

I’ve looked through both my Honda and also Acura factory manuals and don’t see any reference to if there is an “in” and “out” when installing wheel bearings.

So, does it make a difference?

Wes Vann

nope they are the same on both sides

thanks, but maybe I didn’t word the question clearly.

I’m not asking if there is a difference between sides of the car, but if the bearing can be put in backwards within the knuckle.

i don’t see why not. the car will move in reverse too

check it with a caliper maybe? see if there is any taper.

Hey Wes,

I just had my wheel bearings replaced and I took a look at the OEM bearings before sending them to the shop for pressing. There was no rotation indicator like there are on directional tires. The mechanic (Honda Certified) didn’t bother with it either.

What’s going on? Are you having a particular problem?