Are Pro-Kits a "why bother" spring?

I’m very close to getting Eibach Pro-Kits with KYB GR2’s all around. But are the Pro-Kits a why bother spring? They only lower 1.4F/1.0R, but the spring rates are the same as the Sportlines with 457F/171-257R. Also, with the Pro-Kits I wouldn’t need a camber kit. And I really don’t want a slammed car, cause it’s a daily driver and I don’t wanna dent my header and stuff. So is this a good set-up? Will it improve the handling to a point where I can have some fun on the twisties? I doubt I’ll auto-X or road race the car, but I would like to have some fun on some twisties. Anyone out there with this set-up? I found both the shocks and springs for $430 shipped, btw. So should I do it?

I’m on the eibach pros with gr2s all around, but they were already on the teg when I bought it, so I can’t really compare it with what a stock teg handles like. I posted my alignment results in this forum and you can see on there that the camber is out of spec but not by too much. I’m still waiting for someone to answer my question of how bad the tire wear will be and if it will warrant a camber kit. Wish I could compare the handling to something else but I’ve only driven the teg and a dodge neon before that and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much better the teg handles. But if you want pics or anything I’ll try to help.

The Pro Kit offers a good ride for everyday driving. The problem is the drop is not low enough for our cars. At least for me it was a problem. Tire wear is not all that bad without a camber kit. Might be more noticeable with Z-rated low profile tires. Didn’t have a problem with 14’s or 15’s.

i have the pro kit with koni yellows… it doesnt look stock height to me… probably because i have 18"s… check out my page under. if u like twisties skunk2 is the way to go… i have a set for sale… $175 shipped… if ur interested email me…