Armrest question

Ok heres the deal. I have 2 armrests, a tan one and a black one. My interior was tan but i swapped it over to black. About a month ago i picked up a black armrest but one of the arms on the cupholder was broken. Now that same arm is in good shape on my tan armrest. Is there any way i can swap the arms. I noticed there are little pins holding everything togeather. Is there any special way to remove them? Im just trying to avoid ruining my armrests. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

can’t find out til u take it apart.

Anything can be done, its just finding the way to do it. Thinking about things this way, is the only way I have been getting through my project. Trust me, take it apart, you will find away. If not just search cup holder. There are some really cool techniques to install different cupholders, and you could eliminate the armrest cupholder.