Armrest Resoration.

i have this armrest that needs to be renewed badly!

any advise or tips i can do to renew the cloth and padding?

where can i go to buy materials…

i wonder if the DC Padding would be a direct (2 screws) bolt on.

thanks for your time. any feedback would be great.:slight_smile:

I have re padded a few armrests. I use hard cell foam cut to the shape with the edges rounded off and 2 thin sheets of polly fill wadding. The cloth cover usually comes clean with regular soap. Do not place it in the dryer or it will shrink. You have to use the #90 spray glue to get the cloth to restick to the plastic. If you want to send the top to me I can repad it for you as long as you pay the shipping fees.

yeah? datll be sick dude. send me an email. with your info.

Email sent.

i put together an armrest for a friend’s birthday, tore the cloth off the top (it was already torn a little, dont cry… haha) and stripped it of the padding which was worn, and had cloth that matched his interior (brown) seats, door panels, etc… i went to a junkyard, found the same color int. DA, tore the cloth off the back seat sidepanel insert. stretched it over the armrest with glue…

custom cloth matched 1-off brown armrest

tried to email 2ndjenn but he didnt respond, does anybody else have exp on restoring the “padding” of the arm rest. i have a new cloth stitched out to da exact size just need info on replacing the padding

all good i did it my self. washed it twice. hanged dry. took a pair of tube socks(clean) and folded it over. glued it down with gorilla glue.

installing it tomorrow. and i have some ideas for the cupholders since it broke. ill get back to you guys on tegtips :slight_smile:

i’m working on mine as we speak, the cup holder was broken, so my dad being the innovative guy he is remade the brackets out of aluminum in an afternoon and painted them black, they look absolutely stock! I’m using very firm carpet underpadding to re-do the cushion in the top. I just have to remember to wash the cloth!

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So I’m having my armrest repadded using the same cloth for $30, I’ll post pics of how it looks tomorrow. The guy said $30 because he has to shape the foam. I think it’s a decent price.

What do you think?