Armrest Solution!

i wanted an armrest, so i got one from ebay. i searched the forums on installation guides but came short. One way to install the armrest was on top the carpet and the second to cut the carpet that looked nasty. Yesterday i installed my armrest and it came out pretty good.
I have a 91 GS 3dr

  1. I removed the the frontseats and back.

    2)Loosen the carpet from the back. I’ll expain later.
  2. Put the armrest in location.But make sure the back is flushed with the ashtray, so the seatbealts won’t interfere.
    4)Measure so you can slice the carpet.Like this

    Other side too

    your ready to screw the armrest
  3. i put the armrest bracket in the slits and pick up the carpet to drill. Make sure you have someone to hold the carpet and armrest still.very important
    i used self drill screws because my 91 GS did not come pre-drill.
    The results:

    i hope his thread doesn’t close…

looks good. but wut was the point of removing the back seats?

Just the back seat cushion, so i could take off the mat clips. oh, see i did not take off my back rest.

Looks good, now you just need a couple more pieces to finish the interior swap

yeah!!! it’s hard to find integra in south Texas. especially black interior. The GSR passenger seat did not come with auto seatbelt, so i had to use my old ivory.

Great write up!! I was looking for this!! Instead of using the self tapping screws, I think I am going to tap my own holes. Anyway, great job!!

Wait, hold up.

The armrest was supposed to have foam in side? When I got my 91 teg it was just a piece of cloth, man was I