ARP Rod Bolts 8MM

Now i need to know for sure if they will fit in no problems? Or will it have to be taken to a machine shop?

You need to know if they will fit WHAT???

8mm rod bolt WILL fit B20Z, B20B, B18A, B18B without any machining…

i have some ARP one in my b20z… but they are a bitch to install… make sure you have the right people to do it …

I brought this thread back from the dead to prove the point that I searched, lol. I seem to be getting conflicting information about ARP rod bolts.

Do ARP rod bolts need to be pressed in or otherwise installed by a machine shop? Or, do they simply screw in like the original rod bolts and torqued to spec? Then just use plastigauge to check for bearing clearances?

Anyone who has installed ARP rod bolts please chime in, I just want to know if I can install or if they must be pressed in by a shop? TIA

IME, The ARP bolts on my B17 rods will not come out with anything less than a press.

I took my bottom end along with the ARP bolts to a machine shop. I got the rods back with the bolts installed.

Thanks for reply, and your correct, answered in another thread.

Nice looking project you have going on, good luck.